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Do Stress - A Do Ideas Day

I am delighted to being one of the speakers at this fantastic event.

This is the first in a pioneering series of One-Day events from the iconic Do Lectures. The first ‘Ideas Day’ takes a look at Stress.

As business owners, as startup entrepreneurs, as CEO’s of well-known companies, how do we look after our people. It’s an important question.
What companies are leading the way? And why? Why are smart companies building human cultures, not corporate ones. Why does purpose matter more than ever? Why do some sports people choke at crucial times, and others fly? Can mindfulness and yoga be good for business? Does a company culture just happen or is it planned? Do longer hours actually give better results? How can happiness make us more innovative? Why is not thinking about the business so important for the business?
The purpose of the day is to help us as business owners, entrepreneurs, CEO’s, HR directors, to understand stress better. So we can shape our companies to look after our people better. A company that creates a culture that does that will do better in the long-term. Simple, really.

Pioneering approach.
Each speaker will speak without slides or Power point presentation for 10 minutes. Each speaker will have 20 minutes to answer questions.
As this will be one of the first events in the world filmed on Periscope and Facebook Live, it will go out live around the world. That allows us to take questions from around the world. Stress is a global issue, and questions from all over the globe help us all to think differently about it.

Each talk will receive likes feedback in real time at the event. 

At the end of the Do Ideas Day, we will provide a venue to allow networking to allow people to exchange ideas.

How the day looks.
1-day event.
9:30am -5pm.
Theme: Stress.
10 speakers.
2 breakout workshops to help networking. And leg circulation.

Lunch included.


Cost £450 per attendee.
Location: Central London.
Date: October 14th.

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