Forever is composed of nows
— Emily Dickinson

Mindfulness is now mainstream. Companies like Google, Intel and Goldman Sachs are embracing the benefits of being more present and calm. Are you? Mindfulness has 2 core components:

1. Relaxed Attention

Being focussed on what you are doing in a relaxed way. Bringing yourself back from distractions to your present reality.

2. Acceptance

Holding your experience as it is without thinking, analyzing or judging. Fully accepting what is in this moment.

The benefits of mindfulness practice include:

Less stress
More productive
Improved focus
More relaxed
Happier mood
Better sleep
Better relationships
Enhanced creativity.

Are you ready to stop the glorification of busyness in your life?

The course includes 6 practical one hour sessions

1. Breathing
2. Sensing
3. Relaxing
4. Moving
5. Sitting
6. Being


• Unlimited email support during the programme
• Over 30 audio tracks to support the participants (on CD, memory stick or online)
• Detailed workbook for everyone

The cost for the 6 sessions including all course materials, audio tracks, phone and email support is only £150 per person.

Book your course below. Or contact me to arrange a course for your organisation on site.

“The Stillworks mindfulness course gave me back a sense of control and self-belief.”
— Ben

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Wouldn’t it be better if everyone learned some simple ways of reducing stress at work? 

We think work can be a much more positive and uplifting experience? The Stillworks Mindfulness Course helps people of all ages and experience to fulfil their potential in life and at work. Simple, memorable and accessible techniques are learnt that make a significant impact in a relatively short time. Usually delivered over 6 one hour sessions, workshops can also be tailor-made to your requirements.
You will 

Employees feel more relaxed at work
Teams collaborate better
Ideas flow more easily
Higher energy
Better moods improve the atmosphere
Job satisfaction levels rise

Audio and workbook resources to support the Stillworks Mindfulness courses.