More and more research is being done around the world on what really makes us happy.

Some countries like Bhutan even base economic and political decisions on how they will affect the levels of happiness in the population. We’re catching up with Bhutan, now David Cameron has his own Happiness Czar!

There seems to be agreement on the 5 key things that make us happy.  And this seems to be true wherever you live.

So I thought I’d share them.

1, Connect - with friends, family, workers, communities …

2, Be Active - regular exercise. A little often is best.

3, Notice - look around you. Be mindful. Cultivate awareness.

4, Learn - keep learning. From new recipes to new languages. From computer skills to new walks.

5, Give - time, talent, attention … Giving makes you happier than receiving.

In another blog I’ll look at what ‘Happiness’ actually means.

One definition I like is ….

"Happiness is wanting what you have, not having what you want."

What's your definition?