The Tibetan way to improve your eye sight.

  The image you can download here is apparently taken off an old manuscript from a monastery in Tibet, containing a design used to help strengthen the monks eyes while scribing for hours by dim candlelight.


Tack chart on wall with large dot in middle even or level with your nose. Place tip of your nose just touching large dot in the middle of design, keeping head level. TRY to look up without moving your head to see the end of the top design dot. Starting from there slowly rotate your eyes clockwise to the end dot at the next design and then on to the bottom design and the next etc. .. finally ending back at the top. Don't worry if you can't see the dots. Just try to do it. Do not strain.

When back at the top stop, slowly repeat the exercise in a counterclockwise direction.Try to relax and breathe through the nose and exhale through your mouth to get a rhythm going. It's OK to blink naturally. It may seem hard at first, but just take your time and rest after a few minutes or so.

The way to rest is as follows:


Cupping the hands gently over the eyes and relaxing. You can palm anywhere. At home or office, sitting up in a chair with a pillow under your elbows to hold your arms up, or at a desk with the elbows propped up so the palms get to rest over the eyes.

1, Start with warm hands. Rub them vigorously to warm up.

2, Sit up comfortably.

3, Close your eyes, relax your hands, and cup your palms lightly over your eyes with the sides of your hands against the sides of your nose and the fingers on your forehead. With no pressure on the eyeballs no light should get into your eyes.

4, As you palm, relax and let your mind drift to pleasant thoughts, a form of meditation.

5, Palm as often as you can for as long as you can. The longer the more beneficial.

 One further exercise is to start with your eyes focussed on the centre of the design and then slowly follow the ladder outwardly to the end dot as you breath into your belly. Reverse back to the centre following each step whilst breathing out. Stay relaxed at all times.

Thank you Pete at Spaced for sharing this with me!

No evidence to prove that this works, but when was the last time you saw a Tibetan wearing glasses?