When the student is ready, the teacher disappears.

  You may, or may not, be aware of the quote 'When the student is ready, the teacher appears'. This is often brought up when a student is frustrated by their progress, blaming their stunted development on their existing circumstances or their existing teacher. It is far easier to explain away your difficulties by apportioning blame to these external influences - your partner, your job, your home, your feelings, your past or your teacher, mentor or coach.

This traditional quote reminds us to take responsibility for where we are at and to trust that when we are ready to move on, the right teacher will appear.

Recently I met a fellow teacher, Sampson Sampson, a leading Judo master. He shared an experience that resonated with me and gave me the title for this post - 'When the student is ready, the teacher disappears'. Whilst discussing how we became teachers, the same insight was revealed.

Neither of us had thought actively about becoming teachers, we just both loved our hobbies - his judo, my yoga. Our first teaching opportunities both arose when our teachers didn't show up. Surrounded by fellow students we stepped intuitively into the space and offered to lead as best we could with full disclosure of our lack of formal teaching qualifications. These spontaneous moments were the spark for both of our teaching paths.

Utlimately in yoga the external teacher is really only there to bring the student to the awareness that their most important teacher lies within them. So maybe the quote should be -  'When the student is ready, the external teacher disappears so that the internal one can appear?'

Have you experienced something similar on your life path?