Yoga Nidra = Deep relaxation


Recently I ran a workshop entitled 'The Bliss of Relaxation'. The techniques used were part of what is traditionally called Yoga Nidra, or Yogic Sleep. Although the brain waves created are similar to those just before falling asleep, ideally you stay awake. This isn't always possible!

Yoga Nidra is an ancient practice that blends deep relaxation with inner wisdom, creating a profound shift in how you live moment by moment. It is not hypnosis but a very natural state of meditation. Here is a quote from someone's own experience of Yoga Nidra. This says it all.

 "I am lying on the floor in Yoga Nidra, feeling contracted, sad, and alone. I gently inquire, "Who is this 'I' that is experiencing these feelings? Are there not two here, these feelings and the 'I' who is feeling them?" Suddenly, an inner shift of perspective occurs. Whereas a moment ago I was "in" these feelings, now these feelings are "in me." I experience myself as spacious awareness in which these feelings are arising.

As I lie here feeling both sadness and spacious awareness, I realise that awareness has been present throughout my lifetime, while feelings come and go within it. Foreground and background abruptly switch as I realise that "I" am Awareness. "I", as Awareness, am not contracted and sad. "I" don't feel limited to this body or to these passing feelings. "I" am the spaciousness within which this body lives. Unexpectedly, I sense a subtle truth and a course of action that I had overlooked. Sadness and contraction dissolve as I contemplate action that appears clear and right. But before springing into action, I want to lie here awhile, basking as pure Being, my true "I". I realise all creativity springs from this source. This is the fountain of youth everyone is searching for and it is always here. How amazing, how astonishingly simple, hidden in plain sight - an Open Secret!"

Relax and do it!