Take yourself on a date

  One of the classic books in the Personal Development pantheon is 'The Artist's Way' by Julia Cameron. The book is for anyone, 'artistic' or not and is great for getting you out of a rut and onto more exciting stuff. To be honest I have only skimmed it!

There are 2 concepts that came out of that skimming that I'd like to share in case you too don't have time to read and follow the whole book.

1, Morning Pages - the idea is to write for 3 minutes every morning in a stream of consciousness. No reflection or stopping and definitely no editing. In the book there is then a process for analysing this but if all you do is get in the habit of writing freely every morning that's a great way to get your creative juices flowing again.

2, Artist's Date - this is more up my street! The idea here is to take yourself on a date every week. Something or somewhere your inner artist would find stimulating. Could be a trip to a museum, a walk in a new park, an early morning with your camera or whatever takes your fancy.

So write like no-one is reading and take your inner self out more.