Alkaline Diet

My ongoing relationship with food and nutrition has taken me through a number of regimes - AyurvedaPaleoSlow Carb and Alkaline.

I always choose the vegetarian options but none of these require it.

We all have different constitutions, different lifestyles, different genetic issues, different preferences … … so no one diet is right for all.

As I am not a scientist or food nutritionist I am not going to expound the scientific rationales behind various diets. However I have noticed these effects on me: When I eat a more 'alkaline' diet - less dairy, sugar, coffee and tea and more green veg, beans and lemon water - I feel more energised, lighter and happier.

A good place to start is this food chart (from Energise for Life). Try eating more foods from the left and less from the right.

Alkaline foods are not necessarily alkaline themselves ie. Lemon. Yet they have an alkalising effect on the body. One of the simplest changeds you can make is to add slices of lemon or lime (or both) to water that you drink.

Benefits on having a more alkaline body include improved immune system, losing weight and apparently fighting cancer.