Empty Your Mind

The goal of yoga is the stilling of the mind.

An empty mind is not a dull and boring place but one full of creativity, spontaneity and bliss. However sometimes yoga and meditation are not enough, at least not in the short term! In the fast, connected world we live in another approach can also help you achieve this peace of mind and presence. Inspired by David Allen's Getting Things Done, my Welldoing coaching starts with capturing all the thoughts and stuff in your head.

Why not try this now? Sit down with a small pad of paper. Write each thing down on a separate page (this helps when you need to work out what to do with it - I'll write about the next step next month).

Start with whatever is top of your mind. What is grabbing your attention right now? Something you need to buy? Someone you need to call? Something broken that needs fixing? Now move on to the different places you live or work - your office, your car, your home … Imagine you're in each place in your head, look around you - are there any things that need doing? Run through all the key people in your life - your family, friends, colleagues … are there any things in your head related to them? Do you have any plans that involve other people? What about your interests or hobbies? Is there anything in your head about them? What about projects? At home, at work, elsewhere? Write everything down that arises in your head. Dreams, ambitions, goals … Don't limit yourself. The more deeply you delve into the recesses of your mind, the more you will feel the clarity that comes with getting things out of your head.

As David Allen says your mind is for having ideas not holding them.

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Next month I'll introduce what to so with that big pile of paper. Just put it somewhere safe for now!