Ten Years Teaching

I never thought about being a teacher.

That is until I did. It was never a big dream. Never something I longed for as I was growing up. My mother was a primary school teacher and yet I was always drawn towards my father's career in business and marketing. Which is why I spent almost 20 years in advertising and marketing. Most of the time though not in a suit with a briefcase as my father had wanted. Every year I would be bought a crisp white shirt and a new briefcase as presents from him at christmas or on birthdays, every year I would sigh.

The 'a-ha' moment came when a yoga teacher failed to turn up for a class on a family holiday, a little voice inside said 'why don't you do it?'. Before my sensible self could talk me out of it, my mouth had opened and I had already suggested it. Two years later I had qualified as a Sivananda Yoga teacher. That was ten years ago now. Ten years!

I have taught over 20 hours of yoga every week for 10 years now - over 10,000 hours. Malcolm Gladwell in his book, Outliers, talks about 10,000 hours being what you need to master something, to become a Grand Master. I do feel that teaching has, is and will be a big part of my life now. It feels natural. I love the feedback - some kind words, a smile or a long email explaining how yoga has transformed someone's life. And yet I feel more of a student than a Grand Master and maybe that's what will keep me going for the next 10,000 hours.

So now I am following my mother's life as well as my father's. Who knows what will happen as I integrate them both.

Thanks Mum & Dad.