The What, Why, How, Who & When of Breathe Sync™

What is Breathe Sync™? Breathe Sync™ is a way of reducing stress and improving performance, at work, at play and in everyday living.  This new technology helps you to control your breathing, and synchronise your breathing with your heart rhythm – helping you to relax and focus. Your heart rhythm varies as you breathe, providing an excellent indicator of your underlying state of inner wellbeing. Medical experts call this Heart Rate Variability (HRV), we call this measure WQ™ – your Wellbeing Quotient™. For the first time, Breathe Sync™ provides an easy, low cost and convenient way to measure and improve your own WQ™.

Why use Breathe Sync™?

  • Stress is killing us, making us ill and making us unhappy. Just three minutes a day of controlled breathing can make a big difference to how you feel and how you perform.
  • Controlled, deep breathing is one of the most powerful ways to improve how you feel. It’s fast, free, easy to do and yet rarely practised.
  • Breathe Sync™ helps you to get maximum benefit from controlled breathing. It previously cost hundreds of pounds to measure your inner well being (WQ™). With Breathe Sync™ now it doesn’t.
  • You can use Breathe Sync™ whenever you feel the need to relax or focus.

How it works?

Breathe Sync™ is the combination of a finger pulse sensor that detects your heart rhythm alongside an iPhone app that helps you to synchronise your breathing with your heart rhythm, using the camera to monitor your pulse by placing your finger over the lens.

There are three simple steps to feel and perform better:

  1. Connect your sensor to Place your finger on the camera lens on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.
  2. Breathe in and out in time with the visual on the app.
  3. Review your WQ™ measure. Simple.

You can use Breathe Sync™ to track your WQ™ over days, weeks and months. Monitor lows, highs, averages, targets and even compare yourself to other users of the same sex and age. Reminders can be set to help develop a daily Breathe Sync™ habit. All with the result of increasing your WQ™ and helping you to feel and be more relaxed and less stressed.

Who is behind Breathe Sync™?

A chance meeting after 25 years reunited old school friends Simon Wegerif and Michael Townsend Williams. Their shared belief in the ability of breathing, biofeedback and mobile technology to make significant changes to health and wellbeing led to the development of Breathe Sync™. Having worked at the BBC and Phillips Simon brought his passion for technology and gadgets to the project, while former advertising executive Michael brought his enthusiasm for design, apps, wellbeing and experience teaching yoga and mindfulness.

When can I get it?

Public Beta testing has started in June 2013 and we hope to launch over the summer. will start soon with a full launch expected in Spring 2013.

Email me if you are interested in being a tester and sign up for future notifications by entering your email on the right.

Soon you too can follow your heart …

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