Eating Chocolate Mindfully

Thank you Jane Watson for bringing this long overdue exercise back into my mindfulness repertoire.

Ingredients: Chocolate (you know what you like)

Method: Suck one piece at a time (the limit is up to you) for as long as you can.

That's it really.

Notice the changing tastes, the texture, the way it makes you feel. Enjoy your chocolate moment by moment. When you find your mind wandering just bring it back gently to the experience. Yes you can meditate and enjoy yourself at the same time.

(Reminds me of sucking polo mints in the car as a child. My mum would challenge us to suck them really slowly and the last one with the still intact Polo mint was the winner! Still a great way of keeping the kids busy on long car journeys. It works and its cheap too!)

If you want to go a step further and make the chocolate yourself, try out these fantastic packs from Dan.

If you want to make mindful eating part of your life this article gives some great advice.