Join Up The Dots Inside

We spend most of our lives thinking about life rather than living it.

To say be rather than think about being and do rather than think about doing is good advice and yet can appear a bit flat. The reason is being gives a sense of place and stability and doing gives a sense of momentum and purpose but without feeling they are somewhat incomplete. Maybe rather than thinking our way through life we should feel our way more. This sounds more alive, more tangible and yes at times more scary.

Our energy bodies provide us with an inner map to chart the territory of feeling. Yogis call these energy centres chakras (with elaborate and esoteric images and sounds) but I like to think of them as being simple dots. Dots that need joining up.

As you read the following paragraph bring your inner awareness to each point in the body so that this inner map becomes part of you and something you can come back to in times of need.

With your attention at the base of your spine simply say to yourself silently 'I am'. You are grounded, supported and strong. Bring your awareness to your pelvis and say to yourself 'I feel' as you notice any sensations of energy in this place. Next bring your focus to the solar plexus just above your belly button and say 'I do'. This is your battery and seat of confidence and drive. Then draw your attention into the centre of your chest and repeat 'I love' feeling the openness and vulnerability in your heart. Close your eyes and rest here for a few breaths. After you open your eyes bring your awareness to your throat and repeat 'I speak' as you connect to your communication centre, the place where you make your inner voice real. Then up to the place between your eyebrows, your inner eye and repeat 'I see'. Again close your eyes and repeat 'I see'. Finally bring your attention to the crown of your head and repeat 'I understand'. Knowing beyond thought. Feelings aligned.

Feel connected so you can be connected and do connected too.

Join up your dots and rediscover your inner 'I'.