A Little Wellbeing

Using some of my existing blog posts I thought it would be handy to have a simple daily routine on one page.

1, Meditate a little

Here are 100 reasons why. Here are some reasons why not.

2, Exercise a little

How about a few rounds of sun salutation , a gentle 15 min session, a 10 min stretch & distress or even a guide to some mindful walking.

3, Relax a little

Turn off your phone & computer (after reading this of course). Light a candle & some incense - listen to some soothing music. Here are my top 3 relaxation CDs. Or listen to this guided relaxation or this body trace.

4, Enquire a little

What's on your mind? Empty it out using this guide. Want to do something new - try this simple exercise. Want to understand yourself more, try this. Want to go deeper - listen to this audio enquiry.

5, Write a little

Whether it's early morning stream of consciousness, poetry, part of a creative project or just for the fun of it, write!

6, Thank a little

Why not keep a gratitude journal. I write down 3 things I'm thankful for every day. The happy scientists say it works too.

A little can make a big difference.