The 3 Keys To Breathing Well.

Breathe Sync™ - 3 keys to breathing well. from Michael Townsend Williams on Vimeo.

As well as being co-founder of Breathe Sync™ I have been teaching breathing as part of my yoga and mindfulness teaching for over 10 years. I still find these 3 simple keys to breathing well relevant. They provide an excellent foundation to enable you to breathe yourself better.

Use them when you Breathe Sync™.

1, Breathe from the belly.

2, Breathe in and out through the nose.

3, Breath out more than you breathe in.

The short video above explains why.

If you know this already, teach someone. Pass it on. You'd be amazed how few people know and apply these 3 keys everyday.

See if you can use them when you're stressed, anxious or in a panic. Or even when you're nervous or excited and want to recentre.

Help us to teach the world to breathe better.