Why I'm Growing A Moustache This Year.

:-{ )

I'm not raising money. Maybe I 'should' be, but I'm not (except for the little I donated on my behalf). But I do hope I'm raising awareness of ...

1, Men who care.

I like the jutxtoposition of the macho moustache and the caring man. The moustache as a symbol of solidarity for other men who care about themselves and other men as well as women and children.

2, Men who suffer.

Stress and depression affect millions of men around the world and their mental health has never been lower. Here are some daily tips for improving your well-being and here's a short post about stress on Medium, a stimulating blogging community. Don't suffer in silence.

3, Men who forget.

Yes I know every female reader is now nodding knowingly. But it's true, we do. And when it comes to our physical health that can prove fatal. So when you've finished nodding make sure your man checks his balls. And if you're a man, man up and do it now (or as soon as you can - but today). This video explains why…

And, as you insist, here's a link to my Movember page… and here's a link to a post on the excellent DO Blog about the origins of Movember.

:-{ )

(my attempt at a topical emoticon - hope it doesn't mean something else?)