Films And Books and Apps – My Favourites in 2013.

Taking stock at the end of the year is a healthy habit.

Sometimes just reflecting back can make us realise how enriching our lives are, even when sometimes we may feel they're not. Here are just some of the films, books and apps from 2013 that inspired me. Please share yours in the comments at the bottom of the page.

Something to watch …

Here are 2 short videos …

David Hieatt: 3 Bits of Advice from eatbigfish on Vimeo.

I also loved 'Gravity' at the cinema in 3D and 'The Killing' (moody Danish thriller) and 'Modern Family' (extremely funny comedy) on Netflix.

Something to read …

My top 3 books this year were –



3,Field Notes Memo Book Ok so it's not a book, but these little notebooks are really handy and beautifully designed. Enjoying your iPhone




Useful apps - Drafts - a simple note taking app which can then share with other apps (iPhone only) - Lift - a habit support app with plans for you to be the best you can be (iPhone/Web/Android) - Readmill - a great way to read on the go. (iPhone/Android)

Fun apps - Sky Guide - understand the stars above and below you. (not the satellite TV!) - Bunsho - compelling word game by my friend Joshua Wiskey. - Dots - an addictive joining up the dots game.

Oh and a little plug for my new app - Breathe Sync™ - breathe yourself better by breathing in sync with your heart.

What films, books or apps inspired you in 2013?