5 Ways To Make Your Knees Better.

Over the years I have suffered a number of injuries to my knees – from knocks and bruises to pulled muscles, torn cartilage and ligaments. 


It is a vulnerable part of our bodies and needs looking after. The following advice is not a substitute for medical or specialist advice but it has helped me maintain healthy knees and will hopefully help you too.

1, Exercise – Try this simple 12 minute knee exercise routine daily.

2, Massage – Daily massage of knees with Cold Pressed Organic Sesame Oil adding a couple of drops of Lavender Organic Essential Oil.

3, Magnets – A knee support with magnets will help improve circulation and healing. This one has been recommended - Magnetic Knee Strap Patella Support I have also used ones with more support.

4, Supplements – Glucosamine supplements help the ligaments & tendons. Neal's Yard recommend these - Viridian -Glucosamine MSM Complex - 90 Vegetarian Capsules

5, Cycling –Riding a bike is a great way to exercise your knee without any twisting or sideways pressure that can aggravate injuries. Don't over do it though.

Get to know your knees better and let me know how you get on.