A Simple Way To Create A Vision Board

Your imagination is a powerful tool for change. Why not have some fun with designing your future? Vision boards can be a great way to get some momentum on creating the life you desire.

1, Get started. Use Mind Maps and Artefact Cards to create some ideas around what you want from life.

2, Imagine that your dream is real. Spend some time with your eyes closed in your dream feeling the details of it as if it was really happening now.

3, Source images. Look on Pinterest, Flickr and Google images. Buy some cool magazines. Collect images that reflect your dreams and others that just speak to you.

4, Source words. Look up quotes, affirmations or just words that are aligned with your values and vision.

5, Create a montage using an A2 sheet of paper. Have your reference materials, images, words and mind maps to hand. Play some upbeat music that you love and set yourself a one hour deadline.

6, Put it up somewhere you will see everyday. Take a photo of it. Carry it with you on your phone. Look at it for inspiration whenever you need to.

7, Trust the universe. Remember once you are clear about your vision, life has an uncanny way of helping you live it.

Here's to the dreamers …