A Taste Of Mindfulness…

During 2014 I have run a number of mindfulness workshops in organisations as well as for the general public.

 From Liverpool, Leicester and London to my home town of Bradford on Avon and nearby Bath, Bridgewater and Bristol. I produced a CD for some of these entitled 'A Taste of Mindfulness…' with selected audio from my Mindfulness Made Easy Course. For those of you who missed out because I ran out of CDs or for those who just want their own taste here they are below.

1. Breathe well

Breathe Sync™ - 3 keys to breathing well. from Michael Townsend Williams on Vimeo.

Your breath is a reminder of your being. A reflection of the state of your mind. An immediate way to reconnect with your inner power. Anytime, anywhere – make your breath your constant companion.

The 3 keys to breathing well are:

1. Breathe in and out from the belly. Try lying down and putting a heavy book on your belly to practice.

2. Breathe in and out through your nose.

3. Breathe out a little more than you breathe in to trigger your bodies relaxation response.

2. Taste mindfully

Take a small piece of dried fruit. Observe the appearance, take a sniff - notice how saliva starts to form in the mouth. Place it on your tongue and close your mouth. Move it around your mouth without chewing. There are four types of receptors in the mouth to discern taste - sweetness, bitterness, sourness and saltiness. Before chewing, what can you taste? Relate to the taste without naming it. Start to chew slowly. Notice the increase in saliva, the changing tastes and sensations. How do you feel? Do you feel emotionally different? As you swallow the food, be aware of the sensations in your throat and any other feelings in your body. Notice the after taste in your mouth.

3. Relax deeply

Find somewhere quiet. Turn off your phone. Lie down and relax to either or both of these recordings.

4. Move gently

In only 15 mins you can radically change how you feel with this simple yoga routine. Just do it. Now and whenever.

5. Walk mindfully

Walking mindfully brings the benefits of meditation and exercise together in a simple daily activity. Firstly, be aware of your feet on the ground before you start to move. Rock forwards and backwards, then side to side on your feet. Be aware of your feet and toes. Walk in a straight line for a few metres inhaling as you raise your right foot and exhaling as you plant it heel first then toes, then the same with your left foot. Next inhale as you raise one foot and exhale as you raise the other. Walk up and down for a few metres feeling you feet and following your breath. Become aware of your body moving through space.

6. Be here now

As my teacher Faustomaria Dorelli would say 'Enjoy what is before it isn't.'

If you enjoyed these tasters maybe you'd like to check out my next 6 Week Mindfulness Made Easy Courses.

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