What is mindfulness?

A combination of relaxed attention and acceptance that leads to a state of inner happiness.


What is the purpose of the 6 SESSION course?

The course is designed to be an accessible, memorable, effective and sustainable way of integrating Mindfulness into your life.


What can I expect to experience?


All too often we live in our past or in imagining our future. Now is all there is, so why not learn to live more presently.


When we are ‘in the zone’, tasks seem to ‘flow’ easily. How do we get into this state of ‘flow’?


Your senses, your surroundings and other people. Seeing life as it is without constant mind chatter.


Realising that some things you can change, but some you can’t. Learning to accept life as it is in front of you whether you like it or not.


Mental noise comes from judging ourselves and others harshly. Can you be non-judgemental about your judging?

It works!

Medical research has shown Mindfulness works. It increases levels of happiness, health and performance, and reduces levels of stress, depression, anxiety and sleep disorders.


(Mindfulness is non-religious, just a natural state of being. It has been applied to religious or spiritual schools such as Buddhism, Jainism and Hinduism and yet can be useful whatever your belief system — Christian, Muslim, Jew, Agnostic or Atheist.)

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